Best Medical Spa in Oakville

2019 Best Medical Spa in Oakville - how did we get here?

Medical spas are definitely here to stay, and with so many competitors popping up, we are so honoured to win the Top Choice Awards for Best Medical Spa in Oakville 2019!   For the past 5 years, our team has worked effortlessly to build a clinic that we can truly believe in. We aren’t a big team, but we focus on big results while minimizing risk factors and taking a more holistic approach – and no we don’t do Botox.

Top choice award best spa 2019We always strived to be different, and our biggest differentiator is our approach with clients and how we deliver results. When you come in we take our time to get to know YOU, and what YOU actually want. As medical estheticians, we are trained to see things that you may not see, but in the end, it is still what concerns you that are important. Skin care is one of our biggest focuses, and we become your skin coach. We create customized treatment plans, which may include a mixture of different treatments. The timing of your appointments also has an impact on your results, therefore we recommend the best plan based on your budget, timeframe and urgency for results.

The second component as your skin coach is helping you feed your skin with the right products. We know that products can be very overwhelming, and expensive. That’s why it’s important for us to clearly understand your concerns so we can recommend targeting products to achieve the results that you want. As you trust us as your skin coach, we definitely build a special relationship that not only transforms your skin but give you a sense of community whenever you walk into our doors.

Another point you may notice about us, is, well us! We are very selective to who joins our team, as we feel that the energy that each individual brings to work everyday impacts the work environment. We are a team that communicates well with each, and there’s no competition (ie. “She’s my client”, “That’s my sale”), we get to know all our clients regardless of who’s doing the treatments. By adopting this belief, we create a more harmonious work environment and clients can definitely feel a positive energy when they come in. In the end, the client receives the best treatments possible, with their happiness as our main objective – not sales.

Our clinic also takes pride in continually educating ourselves and taking a different approach from many of our competitors. When dealing with skin or foot issues (Ps. We offer medical pedicures, perfect for Diabetics, Athletes or anyone with more complicated foot issues), we focus on understanding and treating the root cause. When we can understand WHY something is happening, our treatments are then more effective and will create longer lasting results. Of course, this may mean that it may take longer to achieve the results, which many people today are used to instant gratification now. However, by educating our clients on why we do the things we do, once our clients commit, they see results, making the journey to repair much more worth it.

Think about it, if you want a quick “fix”, but the results won’t last, then won’t you worry about those same issues again? So why not take the time to do it right the first time? After all, your skin changes year after year, so the idea is to take care of your skin for life, not just for the moment.

In summary, we may not be the flashy, hot and trendy clinic with Botox and quick fix machines, but we definitely have kept our clients happy and built a loyal base. This has definitely proven that our approach is the right path for us with the award for Best Medical Spa in Oakville.   If you are looking for a true partner in medical esthetics, then check us out. When you are ready, give us a call and book your free consultation and let’s begin a new skin journey together!

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