Welcome to TSSC, where your skin journey begins. Our dedicated team shares the same goal as you - to achieve the best results for your skin. Through detailed skin consultations, we work together to understand the root of your skin concerns, incorporate lifestyle changes, develop a comprehensive treatment plan, and recommend medical-grade skincare products tailored to your needs. We believe that improving your skin condition and maintaining skin health is a continuous journey, requiring your commitment.

Let's begin your exciting journey with customized treatment plans and professional home care routines to enhance your results outside of our treatment room.


Our skin consultations are comprehensive and detailed. We focus on the following key areas to design a plan specifically for you:

  • Lifestyle

    Nutrition, diet & stress management

  • Personalized Skincare

    Creating a skincare routine with high-quality, medical-grade ingredients

  • In-Clinic Treatments

    Treatment programs are designed  to target your specific skin concerns

  • Maintenance

    Skin health is a life long journey

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Our skin treatment programs are designed to achieve and sustain a healthier skin quailty for a more youthful and healthier appearance over time – customized to target your specific skin concerns. With our monthly plans, treatment packages, and stacked treatments, our goal is to keep your skin looking younger for longer. We help you achieve the desired results through client education, product recommendations and complete skin treatment programs.

  • 3 Month Treatment Plan

    Ideal for skincare enthusiasts eager to begin their skin transformation

  • 6 Month Treatment Plan

    Designed for those taking their skincare journey to the next level

  • 6 Month + Extended Treatment Plan

    Tailored for committed skincare lovers dedicated to achieving and maintaining healthy skin