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A simple 4 step guide to selecting the right skin treatment plan

This guide will help you choose the right skin treatment plan so you’re well informed about your options before your first visit to your local skin clinic. At your first visit, there may be some things you’ve never heard before. This guide will clarify the terms and help you understand your options more clearly.

4 Steps Selecting the Right Skin Treatment Plan

The following guide will help you choose the right treatment plan based on your particular skin type and desired results.

There are a variety of treatments that are fantastic options for achieving positive results including microneedling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, IPL photo-rejuvenation. However, the billion-dollar question is “what skin treatments actually work?”

The answer is simple: not all skin treatments and technologies will be right for you and your skin type. That is why there are a variety of options.

Finding Skin Treatments That Work for You

The following considerations will help you decide which skin care treatments will work best for you and your particular skin type.

Research Your Treatment Options

Before you make a trip to a skin clinic, research all the treatment options yourself. Try to become as familiar as possible with the different types of treatments available to you, and what they do.

Simply make a list of the treatments you think will be suitable for you and then research them further. You can research the procedure, the results, the costs, and the time each procedure takes.

By doing this, you will have gained some knowledge of your treatment options, and you won’t experience information-overload.

Being familiar with your options will help you prepare for your consultation and give you a chance to learn more and ask questions.

During your initial consultation your aesthetician and you will further discuss why the treatments are suitable for your skin type in more detail.

Your consultation will make you more confident in your treatments and help you understand how your results will be achieved.

Remember Every Skin Type Needs Its Own Treatment

Woman using a facial skin treatmentEvery skin has different needs, so make sure while you’re researching treatments, that you’re focusing on your particular skin type.

For example, if you have dry skin, clogged or large pores, fine lines, or pigmentation, then microdermabrasion will probably be a great starting point as a treatment option.

if you have acne scars or other forms of skin scarring, then micro-needling and vitamin infusion treatments will be your best option.

If your skin has sun damage, freckles, brown spots or vascular abnormalities, then a photorejuvenation (IPL) treatment would be the first treatment recommendation.

Make an Appointment with a Skin Clinic

Now that you are familiar with some basic knowledge of the various skin treatments options, it is time to visit a skin clinic.

At your first consultation, you will discuss your options with experts who will guide you to the proper treatment that will be most suitable for your skin.

You and your medical aesthetician will go through a detailed consultation discussing your past skin care regiments, skin issues, lifestyle choices, medical history, and your skin care goals.

At your consultation you’ll go through every single treatment option for you skin type and condition. Together you and your aesthetician will create a treatment plan to achieving the most optimal results.

Be Patient with the Results

Once your treatment sessions start you’ll need to be patient with the results of your plan. Yours aesthetician will guide you through the whole process and explain each step of the way.

Some treatments require one session, while others require multiple sessions before actually seeing results. Some treatments can require only a few sessions, while others can take over a few months to complete.

The skin is constantly replacing cells, so results of treatments are not always instant. That’s why patience and diligence is needed to achieve your desired results.

Your particular treatment plan may involve attending multiple sessions. You’ll need to consistently practice daily skincare protocols, and patiently wait for your skin to reflect your treatment goals.

Following this advice will make you feel great after seeing the results. You’ll definitely see the difference the treatments have made to your skin.

To prolong the affects, you will need to take care of your skin at home to make sure the treatment remains effective.

Some Final Advice

Finding out your skin type and which treatment plans would be best for you can take some time and energy. To make things easier, visit our clinical skin services page for details on how each treatment will work for you.

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