Environ intensive revival masque is your facelift in a jar

Environ intensive revival masque is your facelift in a jar

The Environ Intensive Revival Masque perfects the art of creating visibly luminous, radiant, smoother, younger and revitalized skin. It is an exciting ground breaking product from Environ.

See a list of benefits and some of the key ingredients

Environ is the brainchild of Dr. Fernandes who wanted to develop a product that literally was like “a face lift in a bottle“. Revival Masque has been extensively trialled for over 6 years with a 99% satisfaction rate.

Revival Masque Gift

Revival Masque works because of this unique combination of 3 acids (Asiatic Acid, Lactic Acid, Mandelic Acid) at this PH and % which work together to trigger the release of growth factors from the keratinocyte cells.

This product will lighten pigmentation marks, reduce lines and wrinkles making skin tighter, smoother, more radiant and younger looking.

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Environ stimulates skin cells to produce growth factors that are important in the regenerative processes of the skin. It uses a powerful promoter of the natural moisturizing factors of the skin (GAGS) including:

  • Lifts and firms the skin – dramatically tightens
  • Lightens pigmentation and gives skin radiant quality
  • Reduces size of open pores

Who is Environ for?

First time users to Environ (You don’t have to be on the Environ skincare range to enjoy this product, however, it’s amazing if  you are.) All skin types. Photo damage. Scarring. Loose lax skin. Open pores.

For maximum benefits use Environ in conjunction with Environ Vitamin A creams. The shelf life of the product once opened is 12 weeks, however unopened it will last up to 24 months.

Use if  for 4 to 6 months for maximum benefits. It is recommended to be used during the winter months, but it may be used all year round provided a broad-spectrum sunscreen is applied daily.

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