Move Over Botox - Anti-age with Microneedling Treatments

Move Over Botox - Anti-age with Microneedling Treatments

Botox is often the first treatment clients think of to solve signs of aging. If you are considering anti-aging treatments, explore Microneedling which addresses all your skin’s needs.

Sure, you’ll leave your Botox appointment looking younger, but Botox treatments are not meant to improve your overall skin quality. That’s where Microneedling treatments comes into play.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that aids the skin in producing collagen to naturally create a “Botox” effect.

Using tiny needles on a handheld device, this treatment can help in reducing acne scars, stretch marks, dark spots or hyperpigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles (yes, wrinkles!).

These tiny holes, called micro-channels, cause the skin to react by stimulating the body’s healing response and boosts your natural collagen and elastin to the treated area.

This collagen boosts plumps and smoothes the skin, and elastin improves the resilience and elasticity of the skin, creating a more supple and youthful appearance.

The Benefits of Microneedling

Microneedling is a long-term solution that can achieve a similar aesthetic result to Botox. But unlike Botox, microneedling requires no downtime. The treatment itself takes about 30 minutes to complete—around an hour and a half all together if you count skin preparation and the post-treatment process.

After the treatment, the area may be slightly pink and resemble a mild sunburn for up to 48 hours. Microneedling is much more cost-friendly and can aid a much more diverse range of skin issues, whereas Botox is a temporary solution that really only treats fine lines and wrinkles.

Which Treatment is Right for Me? Botox and Microneedling

Who wouldn’t want to produce and boost your own collagen? Microneedling treatments can potentially provide long-term solutions to your skin issues, rather than cover up the problem through injections that may cost you more money in the end.

Unfortunately with Botox, in order to keep seeing results, you’ll need to continue getting injections.

Microneedling on the other hand, continuously improves your skin, making it look more youthful. There is no risk of adverse reaction, it’s safe for all skin types, with little to no downtime or recovery. And the best part? Microneedling treats much more than just fine lines and wrinkles.

Microneedling is ideal for those with:

  • Scars: Acne scars, post-surgical scars, C-section scars, burn scarring

  • Stretch marks

  • Fine lines/wrinkles

  • Uneven skin tone

  • Sun Damage

  • Rough skin texture

  • Large pores

  • Under eye dark circles or puffiness

  • Crows feet/under-eye wrinkles

  • Brow rejuvenation

  • Sagging skin/jowls

  • Those that need upper lip or neck rejuvenation

I Already do Botox. Can I Start Microneedling Treatments?

Yes, as a matter of fact, many clients choose a combination of Microneedling and Botox for maximum results that are both long-term and fast-acting. You must wait 2-weeks before or after botox injections to receive microneedling treatments.

We Provide Microneedling at Our Skin Clinic

If you are ready to take your skin to the next level and experience long-lasting results, we offer a range of micro-needling treatment options and packages.

These medical-grade micro-needling treatments can be combined with our Skin Booster Serums & Vitamin Infusion Therapy for an additional skin boost, which accelerates the skin’s healing capabilities by penetrating vitamins 4000% deeper into the skin.

This treatment further improves skin quality and with the addition of potent vitamins, it allows for more advanced collagen and elastin production.

Winning the Top Choice Medi Spa consecutively, we’re excited to help you begin your skin journey and achieve the best results with treatments that are proven to improve your skin.

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