Reap the benefits of resurfacing your skin with medical facials

Reap the benefits of resurfacing your skin with medical facials

Medical facials are both health and beauty treatments, and they are regarded in high esteem by both beauticians and physicians alike. Medical facials are addressed through an individual approach, and are very personalized to individual skin care needs.

As such, they are far more detailed than a regular facials, and the results are much more impressive—and certainly longer lasting.

Facials are a popular beauty treatment and pampering tool, but the idea of a medical facial is much different than what you would see in a regular spa. It is more along the lines of a highly effective non-surgical, skin-refreshening procedure.

Thinking about taking your skin to the next level? Read our list of the top benefits for getting a medical facial treatment. These benefits explained, may spark an even bigger interest in booking an appointment for a medical facial.

There are many types of facial treatment options, but here are some of the more popular ones:

  • O2 Oxygen Dome Infusion Facials
  • iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facials
  • Dermaplaning Facials
  • Advanced Vitamin Infusion Facial

You can read more details about facial treatments and other medical skin treatments here.

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Here are the ten benefits to facials in particular:

Medical Facials Work on Skin of All Types and Ages

When you come in for your medical facial, your skin will be examined thoroughly and evaluated. This is done to match your age and skin type with the products that will suit your skin most beneficially, along side the best suiting in-clinic treatments.

There is a solution for every skin type. No matter your age or which skin issues you may have, there are products available to address your needs and your concerns.

Your initial exam also allows your esthetician to create a specific skin-care plan that will allow you to achieve each of your goals by working together.

Whether those are to improve major skin scarring, rejuvenate the skin, or anti-age, the esthetician will work to carry out these results that are best fitting for you skin type.

Medical Facials Promote a Long-lasting Skin Benefits

Your medical esthetician will discuss a treatment regimen that you will be recommended to continue at home for the best future results. This means you will be an active contributor to your own skin goals, and you will reap the benefits of extending and progressing your glowing results over a longer period of time.

Continuing your skin care regime is one of the most important steps as these products will boost your results significantly.

There is Usual Minimal Down Time with Medical Facials

Medical facial procedureMany of us may have big responsibilities, careers, children, and even grandchildren that keep our lives full and active and that we must be present for.

People certainly do not have the time or the luxury of sitting through a long, meticulous procedure and recovering over a period of several weeks.

Fortunately, medical facials take approximately an hour to complete. Even with that minimal amount of time, they still provide a visible change in the skin.

Therefore, you are getting proven results without the sacrifice of putting off activities that you have scheduled over several weeks’ time.

Medical Facials Differ from Spa Treatments

A spa facial does not require a pre-determined condition before the procedure takes place and are often done strictly for relaxation and are not results-driven.

However, when receiving a medical facial, your esthetician will first examine your skin thoroughly for any issues and your esthetician will discuss them with you and treat them accordingly. Your skin-care plan will be customized to suit your specific needs.

Also, after your assessment, your aesthetician will discuss with you any personal issues you may have regarding your facial skin.

Medical Facials Correct Multiple Skin Imperfections

After facial correction treatmentMedical facials can correct skin issues as diverse as enlarged pores, dryness, rosacea, uneven pigmentation, acne, poor laxity, breakouts, and sun damage.

Most of the time, a series of medical facials will need to be performed in order to effectively and safely treat all of these problems, if they are co-existing.

Medical Facials are Performed by a Professional

The greatest advantage of receiving a medical facial is that it is performed by a qualified medical esthetician.

This means that, throughout the process, you will be in the trained hands of someone that has valuable experience in performing these complicated procedures, as well in choosing the correct products to use on your skin.

He or she is also sure to work within strict guidelines which will allow your skin to benefit greatly.

Medical Aestheticians have Access to Exclusive Products

There is a crucial difference between a spa facial and the higher-grade medical type of facial. Medical facials usually include the use of medical grade products featuring active ingredients that will immediately improve the skin’s quality.

When these products are used along side advanced aesthetic technologies—and are added during the facial—the results are phenomenal. All these ingredients together create the perfect result that your skin needs with additional anti-aging benefits.

Remember, these are high quality, effective products that the average person cannot purchase for themselves at any store. They must be handled with extreme care and prepared carefully under strict guidelines in order for them to be considered safe for use.

When these standards are met, the products are sure to deliver highly therapeutic and effective results.

Read Top Reasons To Choose Medical Facials Over Spa Facials for more information.

Medical Facials are Completely Customizable

Since you will undergo a complete skin analysis prior to your medical facial, proper treatment with the appropriate products will be decided upon prior to any procedures taking place. This means you will only receive a treatment that is completely in line with your specific skin issues.

A treatment plan is not a one-size fits all. By combining several treatments that are known to be effective for specific issues, you will receive a customized medical facial that will get to the root of the cause for each of your skin problems.

By achieving such effective and efficient results, medical facials are sure to be safe for everyone—from the teenaged to mature—with any type of skin.

Medical Facials Feature Multiple Treatments in One

As we said before, your esthetician will evaluate your skin and determine its particular needs. He or she will devise a comprehensive treatment plan for it.

These plans can include acne treatments, skin regeneration procedures, laser and light-based therapy, chemical peels, extractions, microdermabrasion, or other treatments as he or she sees fit.

In some cases, these treatments are paired together for the maximum effect using special tools and ingredients that are customized for you by your expert esthetician.

Medical Facials Improve the Skin’s Health and Appearance

Using the most effective and potent ingredients and treatments, medical facials not only improve the overall look and feel of your skin, but also do wonders for its health.

Any anti-aging system starts by diving deeper into each layer of skin rather than just dealing with the superficial issues that are limited to just the surface of the skin’s top layer.

Because of this detailed attention to the skin’s comprehensive health, medical facial makes the biggest difference.

In conclusion, medical facials address much more than the skin’s surface, as a typical spa facial is known to do.

They are detailed treatments that are designed to get to the core issues of your skin problems, and treat them as the separate issues that they are. If you are interested in learning more about medical facials, you can call our skin clinic today.

Our friendly staff would be more than happy to set up a consultation with you to discuss your needs, answer any of your questions and address your concerns.

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