The top 4 proven skin treatments that remove acne and acne scars

The top 4 proven skin treatments that remove acne and acne scars

There are 4 acne skin treatments that are proven to treat acne and reverse scaring using Micro-needling, Photo-rejuvenation, Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peeling. Let’s face it—not everyone has perfect skin but people with acne or scaring go to various lengths to fight their condition.

While trying to achieve the best results, people seek all sorts of products and treatments to get acne under control. Their hope is that they’ll eventually have smoother looking skin. Our face represents us for a lifetime and it’s the first thing people look at. There are so many acne treatments and acne-fighting products on the market. Trying to figure out what will truly improve your skin conditions can be quite challenging.

There are a number of facial skin treatments used to treat different skin problems, but we cover the top 4 acne and scar treatments below.

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What Causes Acne

Acne outbreaks and scarring varies from skin type to skin type. Acne can appear for several reasons. They generally include hormonal imbalances, bacterial infections, excessive oil production, poor gut health, and stress related issues. The list goes on. Some remedies may help one person but may work differently on others due to the type of acne they are experiencing. Your skin care therapist will advise to consider one of the following.

Micro-needling Treatments

Micro-needling is considered one of the most effective and popular ways of treating acne scars but not treating active acne. With micro-needling, your skin is first exfoliated and thus removes dead skin cells, smooths out congestion and extracting if necessary. Microneedling clears and improves skin discolouration and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Before the procedure, a medical grade numbing cream is applied to your face which will ensure you’re as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

How micro-needling works

Micro-needling treatments involve using small medical-grade needles on a handheld device to prick the skin in a very light and controlled matter. This needling creates micro-channels and stimulates the skin, causing a blast of collagen and elastin production. The collagen production adds volume to the skin, and produces elastin which dramatically improves the condition of the skin. It is an acne-scar treatment that gives you a smoother and brighter complexion, and helps you generate more collagen. It improves light-to-deep scarring, shrinks pore size, and evens our pigmentation after acne breakouts.

IPL Photo-rejuvenation Treatments

Before after acne treatment with IPL photo rejuvenationIPL Photo-rejuvenation treatments involve the use of intense pulse light, and photodynamic therapy. If you have acne scars or post-inflammatory pigmentation, this treatment will provide you with the results you’re looking for.

How IPL photo-rejuvenation works

IPL photo-rejuvenation has been known to be an effective treatment for acne. After exfoliation of the skin and extracting any congestion, IPL makes your skin look much more even by removing skin-discolouration, killing P-acne bacteria, and improving the look of acne scarring. It works on two levels. First treating any redness, inflammation, and broken capillaries on a more surface level. Second, by treating post inflammatory pigmentation on a deeper level. This stimulation will make your skin more supple, brighter, and more even looking.

Microdermabrasion Treatments

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment that removes the top layer of dead skin cells. It does this through a deeper exfoliation process that improves the texture of the skin. This results in brighter and more rejuvenated skin, with enhanced skin surface quality. The treatment is quite simple and yet, a highly effective step that uses exfoliating crystals and a vacuum suction. It provides deep exfoliation from all the dead skin cells that have accumulated on top of your skin.

How microdermabrasion works

Microdermabrasion facial skin treatments help smooth out the skin by suctioning the dead skin cells and reducing congestion. This treatment makes the skin appear very bright and creates a more even skin tone once all the dead and dull skin is removed from the surface of your skin, This treatments also assists preventing clogged pores and future acne conditions.

This treatment is not recommended if you’re experiencing cystic or nodular acne conditions because too much stimulation on active acne will cause further break outs. Your medi-spa specialist will determine your current acne level and which treatment is best suited for your skin.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are another popular treatment for acne and acne scaring. The name of this treatment is not as intimidating as it sounds. Most chemical peels are derived from natural sources such as willow bark extract, milk, fruit, citrus and more. It helps kill the P-acne bacteria, remove dead skin cells, treat acne scars, and treats active acne that is present on your skin.

There are many types of chemical peels and they all work differently. During your initial consultation, your medi-spa therapist will recommend the best type of peel treatment for you based on the current condition of your skin.

How chemical peels work

Chemical peel treatments for acne involve lightly removing the dead skin on your face without irritating active acne. It is an exceptional method when it comes to treating acne. This is one of few ways to properly exfoliate the skin while experiencing active breakouts. This treatments also lessens and controls acne outbreaks.

The Take Home

All these skin treatments are proven to be extremely helpful for people that suffer from acne and scarring. Every skin type is different so understanding what triggers your acne is an important first step. Be sure to consult your Skin Therapist before opting for any new treatments, as every skin type is different. You and your skin therapist will work together and determine a perfect treatment plan to effectively treat you skin condition.

After your treatment, your skin therapist will suggest the skin care products that will compliment your treatment when its finished. As important as skin treatments are, skincare products are just as important, as they are something you are using morning and night every day. Consistency is key.

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